The RZI Telecaster Oct 17, 2015

This Lego-like guitar project was simple but the result is one of the best guitars I’ve ever assembled. I ordered a Warmoth pre-made swamp ash body that features contour cutouts that make it really comfortable. The neck is a custom-ordered slim profile...

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The RZI Sparklemaster Apr 13, 2015

This was the first time I’ve tried to paint a guitar that I assembled. Sparkle paint is very difficult to handle. I went through a couple of spray guns and more than one can of Big Daddy Roth Rattlebomb paint.

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The UX Joke Apr 12, 2015

A user interface is like a joke—if you have to explain it, it’s probably not that good.

I saw this somewhere recently and immediately liked it. It’s painful to watch someone interact with a design and not know what to do with it. Often, due to...

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Rails Project: Powderbird Mar 20, 2015

Powderbird Website

As Technical Director, Lead Programmer and Project Manager on the Powderbird website redesign with Owen Jones & Partners, I had an opportunity to harness a powerful group of technologies to tell this adventure ski tour company’s story with immersive...

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Guitar Amp No. 1 Mar 1, 2015

This project used the “Champ Ultra” chassis from Ceriatone without tubes or transformers, which I sourced and soldered separately.

The head and speaker cabinets are made with hand-cut dovetail-joined maple. The speaker cabinet holds a Celestion...

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