The RZI Telecaster Oct 17, 2015

This Lego-like guitar project was simple but the result is one of the best guitars I’ve ever assembled. I ordered a Warmoth pre-made swamp ash body that features contour cutouts that make it really comfortable. The neck is a custom-ordered slim profile AAA flame maple with ebony top (without dots). The fretboard radius is an unorthodox 12″ that I really like (Telecaster fretboard radii are usually a much rounder 7.5″ to 9.5″).

The bridge is a Callaham Vintage T that gives it a fantastic vintage twang or percussiveness while still being relatively easy to dial in a near-perfect intonation setup.

The pickups are Jason Loller ‘52 T Series, which are hand-wound to 1952 Telecaster specs.

This project strikes a great balance, for me, between modern refinement and classic tone (and aesthetics).

[ diy, design, music ]

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